The Special (Old Days)

I just got wind of an important high school milestone coming up: a reunion!  What number?  I will only say that it ends in a zero.

We all have friends, and then we have friends – those people you share multitudes of memories with across the ages.  Nothing changes, no matter how much time has passed.  Stories are retold and feel just as funny (and embarrassing?) as the day they happened.

Fortune has smiled on me because my very first friend is still the one I giggle with the most. (Our Moms and grandmothers were friends too!) Perhaps we have better judgment now, but mischief is a good thing at any age.  In addition to Debbie, there’s a pack of guys that I’ve hung out with since Junior High.  Back during my wedding shower, The Guys threw me a Bachelorette party: dinner, wine, shots, a Bruins game, tequila shots, and other things that are better left off this blog.

Along the way, they introduced me to a drink that became a sure-fire catalyst for some of those crazy stories we still tease one another about: The Special.  Scary at first, but oh-so-good.  Especially with a chaser that tastes like Fruitations!   Go Big Blue!

The Special

1-2 oz. vodka 

1 oz. Fruitations – any flavor!

 Pour vodka into shot or cordial glass. Slowly add Fruitations to vodka, using the back of a spoon to slow liquid. Layering effect will happen.  Shoot it back!


- Allison Goldberg





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