For anyone who creates in a kitchen or bar, having the freshest ingredients from around the world is no longer impossible thanks to global travel and the internet.  And while I don't necessarily need 5-star quality ingredients in my kitchen, it’s nice to know that they are accessible.  

And if you can't find them, you create them.  Like I did with Fruitations.

Today I learned about another meaning of "accessibility."  Supporting my friend Jessica, a dedicated patron of Triangle, my daughter and I participated in the Accessible Icon Project at the Jewish Community Center in Marblehead, MA. There, we repainted icons for handicapped parking, replacing them with a new versions.  

The Accessible Icon Project is dedicated to donating supplies that change the existing “handicapped” image into an active, strong icon in motion, representing the abilities of all people, how far they’ve have come, and where they can go.  After watching Monday’s Boston Marathon from the top of Heartbreak Hill, I can wholeheartedly confirm that there was not a single athlete on that course without ability.

Icons, indeed.




-Allison Goldberg


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