Three Simple Ingredients

My favorite three ingredients to cook with are olive oil, lemon, and kosher salt.  This holy trinity makes everything taste wonderful.  Like lamb chops.  Coat with olive oil, add some lemon – the acid acts as an enriching tenderizer – and let it sit for a bit.  Wipe it off before putting on the grill and season with salt once you flip it.  OMG.

They work fabulously with Arugula salad too.  Toss with olive oil then add lemon juice and salt to taste.  (I’m salivating as I write this.)

Don’t forget White Bean Salad.  Toss with olive oil and add lemon and salt to taste.  (I often add Italian parsley, scallions or red onion.)

If the base ingredients are high-quality, the Big Three only enhances.

My other favorite Big Three?  Fruit, water, and pure cane sugar.  Fruitations' ingredients.  If you've enjoyed a drink made with Fruitations, you know you’re hooked.  This taste experience is the new way you want to drink. Authenticity, taste, and quality.  And you can pronounce our ingredients on the first try.

What time shall I arrive?  I'll bring the salad.


- Allison Goldberg

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