Dear Providence

Dear Providence,

I haven't written about you lately, but you know I visit as frequently as I can.  I think of you (and the friends I have made since we met) often.  

These friends form a community of food and beverage artisans.  A community of creativity and respect.  Of dedication to craft.  Providence, you provide a model for how all communities should support each other.  One guy wants to promote local businesses.  Poof!  RI Food Fights.  Another guy wants to support the state's agriculture and culinary/beverage talents.  Poof!  Eat Drink RI.  And yet another gentleman brings the world to your doorstep, exchanging ideas on design, technology, and problem solving.  

You can usually find the group’s newest friend bringing joy to the patrons of The Dorrance.  In this converted Federal Reserve bank is a cocktail menu like you cannot believe!  Lots of muscle flexing and just as much finesse.  Something for everyone.  Comedian, bartender, and brainiac: will the real Vito Lantz please stand up?  

So thanks, PVD.  Until the next time.

Tangerine Mojito

½ oz lime juice

1 teaspoon superfine sugar

3 leaves mint

2 oz white rum

Fruitations Tangerine

Club Soda

Muddle lime and sugar together.  Add mint and muddle against side of glass.  Add squeezed limes back to glass, your fave white rum, Fruitations Tangerine, and top with soda.  Get fancy and proper and add a stirring rod.


- Allison Goldberg

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