Lady Be Good

On our bikes last Sunday, I caught up with Kim Kramer, the entrepreneuse (mais, oui!) of Dipt, a specialty candy and treat-maker in Marblehead.  This is a story that rings very true with me: when Kim couldn't find what she wanted at local stores, she created the Shiva Plate – a basket of chocolate dipped treats.  And so a seed was planted, and how her business has grown!

We are everywhere!  Most new businesses and ventures are being developed by women, with a burst of creativity and freshness in your marketplace.  In my own greater Lynn community, Becky Convincer, Lauren Genovesi, and Liza Goldman also come to mind.  

This is the next generation of Susan B. Anthonys, Eleanor Roosevelts, and Helen Gurley Browns.  

Support your local artisans and entrepreneuses.  We are a fabulous bunch. This is going to be fun.


- Allison Goldberg

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