"If you don't like something, CHANGE IT."

Chalky feeling in mouth? Check!

Weird film on teeth? Check!

Little voice in your head telling you that you’re drinking crap? Check!

If this sounds familiar to you, you must be drinking soda in 2013. What was once made with real food ingredients is no longer. And while it doesn't profess to be "good for you,” soda used to be made with actual sugar cane, not lab-created sweetener. This affects us all.

When my daughter was about 2, she developed some skin issues. Lots of doctors were helpful in treating the symptoms, but none could identify the root of the problem. My efforts to help my daughter kick started an enormous food awareness evolution in my house. Our biggest discovery: not all “food” is actual food. Sure, our bodies can process it, but at a cost. Eliminating non-food “foods” from our diet has resulted in a complete 180 of health, personality and spirit for my daughter. Eating and drinking well has returned her to us; she is who she was meant to be.

As the owner of an all-natural specialty food company, New England Cranberry, I was naïve to think every company created food in the same manner. But they don’t. As our portfolio of brands develops, we’ve become increasingly committed to following our at-home practices. Therefore, we use only all-natural, real food, non-GMO ingredients.

I created FRUITATIONS because there were no carbonated beverage options for my family low enough in sugar and calories, made without artificial ingredients. I made my first batch in my kitchen (thank you wedding gift stock pot), using only food I had on hand: fruit, pure cane sugar, and water. And to this day, that is where FRUITATIONS’ ingredient list begins and ends. Mixed with seltzer, the real fruit fizz was a revelation. As in, “Oh yeah! That’s how it is supposed to taste!”

Cranberry, Rio Red Grapefruit and Tangerine FRUITATIONS are flavors we recognize for everyday, for kids, for the kid in all of us. And when I add it to my favorite spirit, I know I've been a very good girl!  Making mixed drinks and cocktails is much easier with the proper tools at your disposal.

Thanks for your support of this amazing brand. Stay tuned for delicious and easy ways of using FRUITATIONS.  And think for yourself, creating your own drink sensations!


- Allison Goldberg

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