“Eureka!” – translated to, “I have found it!” – is attributed to Greek scholar Archimedes.  He exclaimed it after finally comprehending water displacement.

It is that very exclamation that ran through my mind after testing various configurations of FRUITATIONS recipes.  Granted, I’m not exactly Archimedes, but in terms of cocktails, I’m certainly as committed to my research as he was to his – perhaps even more.

Plain and simple taste doesn’t need to be bland and boring.  FRUITATIONS’ three simple ingredients blend together to create a revelation in a glass.  What you put in that glass with FRUITATIONS will transform your idea of what a mixer should be – and now is!

There’s a lot of buzz about craft cocktails these days, with many smaller distillers creating incredible rum, bourbon, vodka, and tequila.  (We love local Turkey Shore Distillers out of Ipswich, MA).  But unless you are all about shots, you need something as bespoke to complement these top-shelf products – and that something is not Schweppervescence.  So why should craft distillers have all the fun?  FRUITATIONS enjoys the same pedigree: pure ingredients and simple process.

Recognition that we are doing something right came fast and furiously.  In February of this year, FRUITATIONS Rio Red Grapefruit was a featured ingredient in The Farmer and The Fisherman, a cocktail created for the launch of American Harvest Organic Vodka:

The Farmer and The Fisherman

1½ ounces American Harvest Organic Vodka

1 ounce FRUITATIONS Rio Red Grapefruit

¾ ounce fresh lemon juice

Pinch of salt

Ginger beer float, gently stirred

In July, Tales of the Cocktail, the nation’s premier event celebrating craft cocktails, opened her arms widely and warmly to FRUITATIONS.  The pure true taste of Rio Red Grapefruit was recognized at Jägermeister’s Spirited Dinner.  Sidney Frank Brands’ talented Portfolio Mixologist (and Tales’ 2013 Brand Ambassador of the Year), Todd Richman, added Rio Red to a Jägermeister cocktail that surely puts us on watch for things to come from this esteemed brand:

The 12-Point Paloma

1½ ounces Jägermeister

1 ounce FRUITATIONS Rio Red Grapefruit

½ ounce fresh lime

Soda float

So let’s toast Archimedes, knowing that the ice in our glasses is creating delicious displacement.


- Allison Goldberg

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