Boys of Summah

Dinner party Rule #1 I enforce on a regular basis: no politics.  Why ruin a good social gathering (and take focus away from my delicious dinner!) with opinions and ideas that are too often fueled with good intentions – and a glass of wine or seven.

Sports often come in a close Rule #2, but this unabashed Red Sox fan is feeling pretty darn fabulous right about now.  Worst to first?  You betcha.  Having lived through way too many years of sadness, I cannot get enough of 2004 and 2007 highlights when the Red Sox delivered us from darkness. 

And here we are again. 

If you are a baseball fan have never been to Fenway Park, you haven’t lived.  Calls of “spohts bahs, heeyah” and “pupcawn” alongside a “cawld beeyah” may have you cringing if you are used to pronouncing the letter R when you speak.  But it is all about the flay-vah of my city and our Boys of Summer.

Thinking about celebrating the achievement, I have only one question: what can I eat to mark this event?  And rounding first, I must ask: what can I drink?

Chowdah, of course.  Courtesy of Boston favorite Chef Jasper White.  Don’t skimp: use the real butter and cream the recipe calls for.  You will absolutely hit a home run.

And to wash it down?  Go with another local favorite: Ipswich Ale Brewery’s Harvest Ale.  Not too heavy like a Stout, but still enough body to pair well with the traditionally thick New England clam chowder.

Wondering about a Manhattan Chowder?  Sitting out this one -- like the Yankees!

Go Sox!


- Allison Goldberg

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